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2020 Vision: Retail and Luxury in the Next Decade

16th Annual Conference

Retail & Luxury Goods Club, a student club at Harvard Business School

Our Panels



Company founders are unique in that they see opportunities that others cannot. They take the first steps in believing wholeheartedly in the visions of their companies, and they fight for their company’s survival in crowded marketplaces. What does it take to build a company from scratch and how is each founder’s journey different / similar when it comes to driving trust in their products and finding the right investors?


  • Randy Brandoff - Founder, Eleven James / Former CMO NetJets

  • Dennis Liu - Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Touch of Modern / Founder, Little Hippo

  • Oliver Bogner - Founder and CEO, Brandable

  • Matthew Zink, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Charlie by Matthew Zink

  • Caroline Klatt - Co-Founder and CEO, Headliner Labs (Moderator)



In a world where consumers crave connectivity and authenticity, influencers are taking on larger roles as brand builders and business operators. Similarly, retailers and brands are shifting towards new strategies to harness the power of ‘influence.’ This panel explores the intersection between influencers, agencies, content creators and brands in the broader retail ecosystem.


  • Emily Ferber - Editorial Director, Into The Gloss (Glossier)

  • Tobi Pearce - Founder and CEO, Sweat (formerly BBG)

  • Carolyn Moneta - Agent, WME

  • Erin Abernathy - Co-Founder, Out of Office Media

  • Stephanie Pulido - Co-Founder, Out of Office Media (Moderator)



The Experiences Panel will be discussing the the shift in luxury from "buying" to "being", with speakers representing traditional retail, startups, media, and health/wellness.


  • M. Paul Munford - Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Lean Luxe

  • Jessica Schinazi, VP of Distribution, LVMH

  • George Foreman III - Founder, Everybody Fights

  • Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky - Founder and CEO, Memomi

  • Merri Smith, Co-Founder and COO, Tulerie

  • Violet Gross - Co-Founder and CEO, Tulerie (Moderator)


Given consumer tastes are constantly evolving and changing, investing in the consumer and retail space isn’t a walk in the park. Come hear what private equity and venture capital investors are looking for when taking bets on companies and how they are adding value.


  • Adam Valkin - Managing Director, General Catalyst

  • Katie Harris - VP, The Carlyle Group

  • Chris Cozzone - Principal, Bain Double Impact Fund

  • Jett Fein - Principal,

  • Matt Eby - Founding Partner, Tengram Capital Partners

  • John Samuel - Director, AlixPartners (Moderator)

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