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Course Number 1975

Professor Ayelet Israeli
Spring; Q4; 1.5 credits 
14 sessions 

Career Focus

This course is designed to address the challenges of (i) creating, (ii) growing, and (iii) optimizing an e-commerce business for profitability. It is appropriate for: 


  • Managers in companies with an e-commerce presence;

  • Entrepreneurs building online startups;

  • Consultants engaged with e-commerce businesses; and

  • Investors seeking to evaluate the potential of new business models.

Course Content and Objectives

The topics relate to the three major classes of e-commerce businesses: e-tailers, i.e., online retailers of goods and services not made by the firm (such as Amazon), e-manufacturers, i.e., online sellers of goods and services made by the firm (such as, and two-sided marketplaces, i.e., online matchmakers between supply and demand for goods and services (such as Etsy).

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